waist high sunflowers!
(why is this image coming out sideways?)
     Planted mid-July, irrigated only twice so far, never cultivated, these hybrid oilseed sunflowers are thick and strong with tight, green flower buds now fully formed on all stems.  If we don't get an early frost.... stay tuned!
     The area has had two good rains, about 1" each, in the past couple of weeks and our weather is cooling off. Post Las Conchas Fire, there have been devastating flash floods in the canyons to the west of us, but those ash-laden waters have not leaped the arroyos near us, as many feared. "Let the fields exult and all that is in them!"
     Pena Blanca Sunflower Project completed the first phase of a community service: transporting bindweed mites from the NMSU Agriculture Science Center in Alcalde, New Mexico to Pena Blanca and Sile.  We innoculated six "nursery" areas with the material that will now be a haven and breeding ground for these mites, which eat only bindweed.  Thanks here to Kevin and Linda Wrigley, Les Harrison, Jose Juarez, Ward and Michelle Swanson, Alan Anderson and Ted Hewes for receiving and relocating mites in the corners of their fields.  By this time next year, we will be able to offer cuttings to any and all interested property owners in the area wishing to reduce bindweed growth.  Next on our list: the mites that eat puncture vine......