Thursday, August 25, 2011


Rains continue here in our part of Sandoval County with terrible flooding in the burned canyons and disasterous results for the orchard at La Canada-Dixons.  Our hearts go out to the Mullane-Dixon families as they look for rest and refreshment until the monsoon weather pattern is finished and they can reassess the orchard.  All our neighbors are invited to attend a fundraiser for the support of the Mullane family who lost their home in the fire: this coming Saturday at the corner in El Dorado.  Should be fun and a good way to help out!
Lots of erosion in Sile along arroyos and ditches, but so far  no real damage to homes over here.  The nighttime rains  and hot days are not harming our sunflower field at all... watch here and on our facebook page for new photos of the plants as they get taller and taller................. Thank you to Nadia Lucero for her fine photography.

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